A Brief Introduction


Work is being done but you’re not sure that time is being spent effectively. Sure, people are busy but are they focused on the right things? You just KNOW you could be closing more business, elevating your brand, making more customers happy, doing a better job of on-boarding your new hires but who has time? And how about that conference or event you had planned to do this fiscal year? Or the meetings that never seem to result in actions being taken. No repeatable processess. No sales cycle. No campaign plans. A lack of cohesiveness. People often doing the same things without others knowing. Details overlooked. Time wasted. Customers frustrated. Frenzied staff. You know. CHAOS.

Here’s where I can help!

Listening to the challenges that someone is facing and then helping to guide them to a solution is a truly rewarding experience for me. And based on the feedback I have received through the years – the feeling is mutual. For as long as I can remember – I have always liked helping other people.

I’ve been privileged to work with some of the most talented, successful, brilliant and demanding people and organizations. From the top producing software sales reps to start-up organizations, from newly forming teams to established non-profit organizations – I’ve helped them all. I’m sensitive to cultural differences and am comfortable working globally – in person or remotely.

Chaos excites me. Challenges fuel me. Simplifying the complex, finding solutions and removing barriers to success – that’s what I do. And I’m good at it.

So how does that look? And what can I do for you or your team or organization?

Need to ramp-up a sales team?  You take the time to interview and select the best people for your sales team. What you do in those early days of their tenure, is crucial to not only their success – but yours as well. The same applies when introducing new product, messaging, methodologies and processes. Let me help you to align and ramp-up your sales team. It’s quite amazing what happens when everyone is on the same page!

Do you have a conference or event to plan?  The success of any conference, event or meeting lies not only on the details but also on determining clear objectives up front. From 10 person meetings to educational conferences with over 23,000 attendees and everything in between, I have first hand experience from the strategic development to the tactical execution of successful events.

Have a new project, program or product to launch?  Development and documentation of a repeatable process is often overlooked when the excitement of a launch is beckoning. I love putting the pieces together and then watching you succeed. And I can put together an integrated marketing campaign that ensures everyone knows what’s happening and when.

Need to develop a sales process?  Help your sales people to be more effective by providing them with a sales process. One that considers that customers have buying cycles. One that includes the right tools to be used at the right time. A process that leads to a buying decision. A repeatable and documented process. A time and sanity saver. Alignment that will delight your customers.

Have a complex product or service to pitch?  Sometimes all you need is a second set of eyes or ears. I can help you clearly articulate the value of your product in plain language.

Maybe you just don’t know what you need but you know something needs to change.

All of the above is wrapped in practical experience in sales, marketing and adult education.

Technology product, new fashion design, non-profit or for profit business or an educational program.

Let me know what you need to accomplish and then let me help you succeed. 

If there is something you need that I can’t do- just let me know. I’ve a vast and talented network and am more than happy to connect you to the right people or organizations who can.

I believe in giving back to community and as such I founded a non-profit organization called Voice Found where I serve as President and Strategic Advisor. A percentage of my income is donated to Voice Found whose mission is to prevent childhood sexual abuse and support adult survivors. (Yes, I understand how to get things done and what it is like to have to do a lot with a little. I built our website, create content, develop graphics, manage social media, deliver training, manage relationships, organize events, develop presentations, manage pr, engage volunteers, chair a board of directors…you name it.)